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News: TS-5000 SMA Termination

Tesoel, founded in 1973, has been producing high quality RF-and Microwave Coaxial Switches ever since. Full attention is devoted to any specific switch requirement. Tesoel offers a wide range of electromechanical switches for commercial and military applications. The basic microwave performance is similar for all types, the difference lies in the environmental specifications. SMA SPDT-switches


Commercial grade switches
The SMA-switches in this category are characterised by very low actuator current consumption and small dimensions. This makes them ideal for mobile and battery operation. The RF-circuit is SPDT to SP6T and Transfer. The operating mode is latching or fail-safe.
The N-connector models are capable of handling high average and peak powers. With special dielectric material the power handling capability is as high as 600W at 1 GHz.

Military grade switches, TS800-series
These switches have fully balanced actuators which makes them capable of withstanding severe vibration and shock. They are available in SPDT and Transfer configurations and the operating modes are latching or fail safe.

Multipole SMA-switches
Special Coaxial Connectors
In addition to coaxial switches Tesoel manufactures coaxial connectors with non standard external dimensions. The modern machineshop with NC-machines gives high flexibility and quick reaction time, essential in today's fast moving market.
Special connectors

Coaxial Switch Specification

Family Overview, 50 ohm switches
Grade Family
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Connectors Frequency range GHz RF-circuit Operating mode Comment
Com TS100-series SMA
SPDT Failsafe Very low current consumption
75 ohm model available
Com TS200-series SMA
SPDT Latching Very low current consumption
Mil TS800-series SMA DC-26,5 SPDT or Transfer Failsafe or Latching Mil-grade is designed for tougher environment and higher power. TTL-versions available
Com TS600-series SMA
SP3T-SP6T Normally open Very low current consumption
Com TS310-series N DC-12,4 SPDT Latching High power versions available,600W/1GHz
75 ohm model available
Com TS360-series N DC-12,4 SPDT Failsafe
Com TS400-series N DC-12,4 Transfer Latching


Microwave data

  SMA-models N-models
Frequency GHz DC-3 3-12 12-18 18-26,5 DC-1 1-3 3-8 8-12,4
Insertion loss dB 0,2 0,3 0,5 0,7 0,1 0,2 0,3 0,5
VSWR 1,1 1,35 1,5 1,7 1,1 1,2 1,35 1,5
Isolation dB 80 70 60 50 80 80 70 60
Ave power Com-models W
+20°C matched load
100 60 30 15 400 250 175 125
Ave power Mil-models W
+20°C,matched load
175 110 70          
Peak power (+25°C
sea level,1.5 microsec)
2kW DC-1GHz
1kW 1-18GHz
10kW DC-12,4GHz


General data

Voltage 12V or 28V
Auxiliary contacts optional on most models
Switching time SMA-models: 15 or 20ms
N-models: 35ms
Temp range Com-grade:-40 - +85°C
Mil-grade: -55 - +85°C
Vibration Com-grade:1mm 5-60Hz, 10G 60-2000Hz
Mil-grade: 1.5mm 5-60 Hz, 20G 60-2000Hz
Life 1 million operations

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